Fujian Huaxin Environmental Protection Technology Co. , Ltd. is registered in Sanming, Fujian Province, with the concept of "Ecology, energy conservation and environmental protection" , dedicated to beautifying the ecological environment and creating beautiful homes for product development and promotion, is a professional engaged in environmental treatment equipment, which involves industrial dust, flue gas, VOC7 gas treatment, agricultural livestock and poultry breeding pollution control and characteristics of Agricultural Equipment R & D and Sales of high-tech enterprises; The company has an experienced R & D team and sales force, in the characteristics of environmental protection machinery products have accumulated mature experience.PRODUCTS: dissolved gas machine, integrated sewage treatment equipment, inclined tube precipitation, VOC gas treatment equipment, bag filter, electrostatic precipitator, UV photolysis, plasma equipment, activated carbon cabinet, industrial smoke and dust removal equipment, treatment Equipment of non-point source pollution in livestock and poultry breeding. The social development needs, the environmental protection consciousness enhancement, enhances to the environment request. The company mainly produces products around, industrial and mining enterprise pollution control and breeding pollution control equipment, and to carry out new technology research and development, combined with foreign excellent products, technology to change life, build a beautiful home.


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